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This month, your rent is on us!

How does it work?

How to

Start saving in the Fello P2P, 12% asset using code 'FLATMATE' between the 27th of this month to 3rd of the next month.

How to

Of all the savers who have saved during this duration using the FLATMATE code, we pick one lucky saver and we pay their rent.

How to

Multiply your chances of winning with each referral and also win thousands of tickets.

Hear from our winners!


I saved on my rent after Fello chose me as their lucky winner for Fello Flatmate!

Anand Dubey

Anand Dubey

“On one hand I am getting rewarded for my savings and my invested money is growing in safe and secure assets.”


“Fello picked me as the winner for Flatmate and paid my rent! Good to participate...”


“My flat rent was paid, my savings on Fello are growing by 12%. Extremely happy with the app!”

Start saving in the Fello P2P 12% asset using code 'FLATMATE'

Terms & Conditions

  • The winner needs to share their payslip, rental agreement and last 3 months' rental slips with us for verification.
  • If a winner fails to share these documents, then the reward will not be honored.
  • If a winner is found to commit any malpractice on the app or while sharing (fake) documents then the winner will not be honored with the reward.
  • The rent we will cover cannot exceed the amount you saved in 12% P2P using coupon code - 'FLATMATE' during the offer duration. ie, If you have saved ₹15,000 and your rent is ₹20,000, we will only cover your rent up to the saved amount, ie, ₹15,000.
  • Rewards will be given directly to the user in the form of Winnings on the Fello app or will be credited to the bank account mentioned in the rental agreement.
  • The maximum cap on the rent we will cover is ₹50,000.
  • All decisions taken by the Fello team are final.
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