🎉 Fello raises $4M from Courtside Ventures to make finance fun and exciting for the young India! 🥳


Be a part of our exciting journey in making finance fun!

It's not just our app and products which are fun & exciting,
it's also the work and people in the Felloship!

Psst... forgot to mention, it's rewarding as well!

Everyone is a captain of the ship.

No knocking the door or no asking for permissions to share an idea! Everyone is just a call away.

Work at your ease!

9am - 6pm, Mon to Sat! Lol, we are kidding. Choose your work hours as per your convenience from wherever you want.

Smart and fun team.

A smart app needs an equally smart team, so we are filled with the new-age smartness of Gen-Z and experience of millennials. P.S. We love parties!

Now you've reached the bonus level of the Felloship!

Your monthly Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify is on us. Because yes, we love fun!

We want our Fellos to grow! So get the best books & courses and level up your skills.

A healthy team is a wealthy team. So we include a comprehensive medical plan for you and your family!

A leave policy which never makes you leave our Felloship!

Unlimited puns and finance gyaan + tips from our founders!

Gadgets to grab upon successful referral of captains to the Felloship!

Hear from our fellos

Arab #engineering

I started as an intern, got a PPO, joined as a full-time employee, and I think this makes it pretty clear about my views for the company. I'm a Flutter dev but loves designing too and guess what, I'm so perfectly placed in here that I don't have to compromise with any of the two. And one of the best things about working in a Startup is that I can discuss my ideas and thoughts directly with the founders. Thanks to the founders for being so open, cool and supportive. They make sure that we have a healthy work culture even in a WFH situation.

Rikitha #growth

I am glad I chose Fello, cuz not only did I learn so much but also, I got a closer look at a growing, thriving start-up. My experience was enriched with knowledge & a great amount of exposure to the current dynamic digital world. It has been quite a journey from Fintech not being my forte to keeping up with Fintech developments in India & the world every day. It was a team of young, passionate pass outs & the "bosses" never "bossed" around, which made working even more fun.

Sonal #growth

I was very fortunate to be a part of the first batch of interns with the Fello Team. My opinions and feedback were valued and considered and I was encouraged to think out of the box and come up with suggestions. Being an early-stage start-up, my role at Fello was very diverse and gave me a chance to explore different functions. In spite of the challenges of working from home Manish and Shourya made sure my experience was engaging and interactive. It was great to be a part of Fello's innovative approach to financial discipline and I'm happy to have contributed to the initial stages of its growth.

Suraj #engineering

Enjoyed shipping code, building awesome features & UIs. Web at Fello is honestly my ideal marriage of code and a killer product.

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