🎉 Fello raises $4M from Courtside Ventures to make finance fun and exciting for the young India! 🥳

Earn 10% returns!

Win ₹1 Crore!

Fello is India's first game based savings app. You can grow your money and earn weekly rewards just by saving in secure assets!

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Investing10% returnsSavingsGames
Investing10% returnsSavingsGames
Investing10% returnsSavingsGames
Investing10% returnsSavingsGames
TokensRewardsDigital GoldCashbacks
TokensRewardsDigital GoldCashbacks
TokensRewardsDigital GoldCashbacks
TokensRewardsDigital GoldCashbacks




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How Fello Works
01 Save

Save in Secure Assets

Your savings grow by 10% p.a. by investing in Digital Gold and Fello Flo. You get Fello Tokens for every rupee saved and earn a weekly tambola ticket every week for every ₹500 saved!

02 Play

Play Games

Play the big weekly Tambola with your tickets and many other fun games with Fello Tokens! You can invite your friends and play along with them too.

03 Win

Win Rewards

Top the leaderboard and win rewards! If all your Tambola numbers match with the weekly draws, you get to win ₹1,00,000! Didn't win? Don't worry! Your savings still grow by 10%. Save more to play more and win more.

Savings returns!

You will earn 10% returns on your savings whether you win a prize or not.

Savings returns as of April 06, 2021, savings returns may change at any time before or after account is opened.

Savings made
fun & rewarding

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Fello is the best savings and gaming app I have come across!! I got 10% on my savings Fello has made me form a routine on my savings.

G Roshan

Using Fello since 8 months, motivates me to save more and more from my earnings. Customer support service is very understanding and friendly.

R V Ramesh Naidu

Fello motivates me to save each day, even better returns than my FDs. Fello taught me how I can have fun with my savings.

Rosy Vijay

Fello is best gaming and saving app I come across. had fun playing games such as cricket and pool. Fello has helped me on my routine for savings and I am grateful for it. I am proud Fello and you can be too!!


Fello has changed my saving game completely. Fello motivates me to increase my saving each day. I got 10% returns on my savings. I had won thrice and got cash rewards. I am proud Fello!!


Using Fello since 5 months and having great experience till now. Best about Fello app is the rewards system, which motivates to save more and more.


Saving my small income in digital Gold by investing since 4 months. Thanks to Fello team for introducing this user-friendly app which has the best user experience for savings and gaming. We can invest and withdraw easily through app.


I love cricket game and playing since 4 months and earning a lot from the rewards. Also earned a lot from other games. In love with Fello app.

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