Digital Gold

The new age way of virtually
buying 24K Gold

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How does investing in Digital Gold work?

How to invest in Digital Gold?

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Why do you need to invest in Digital Gold?

  • You get to play it safe because the purity of gold is 99.99% BIS Hallmark standard.
  • Worry not about the budget, your investments can start from ₹100 in Digital Gold.
  • Play games and win rewards while your investment grows with the price of gold.
  • Get a standardized price on your gold all across the country.
Digital Gold
Physical Gold
Prices stay uniform throughout the country
Prices may vary from place to place
Investment can be as small as INR 100
Available in standard denominations, thus minimum investment is higher
No making costs involved, with just standard GST
High percentage of total value is attributed to making charges
Gold is stored by service providers on behalf of investors
Has to be stored in lockers

P.S: Digital Gold grew by 11% over the past year

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Digital Gold a good investment?

Digital Gold is one the best investment vehicles in the market. It comes with no storage costs, making costs and the purity of gold is never an issue as it is all BIS Hallmark 24k Gold.

Is Digital Gold real gold?

Yes, Digital Gold is real gold. The only difference is, on purchase, instead of you having the gold with you, a government accredited institution stores your gold in vault.

Who is Digital Gold investment for?

Digital Gold investment is a tailor-made scheme for young investors who are stepping into their investment journey which will also gain stable returns. Most of the digital gold investors fall under the bracket of salaried employees of age 23 to 35 who are looking forward to investing in small fractions.

Is it safe to invest in Digital Gold?

Digital Gold is the safest form of investment as it is government accredited. Your Digital Gold is 100% safe and secured in Sequel Vaults monitored by an independent trustee. Our gold provider, Augmont is NABL and BIS accredited and a member of India Good Delivery standard on NSE, BSE, and MCX.

Can I withdraw or sell my investment in Digital Gold?

Yes, your investment with Fello on Digital Gold can be instantly withdrawn anytime. On making the initial investment, the amount will be safe and locked in for a period of 48 hours. Post that, you can withdraw your investment anytime. The invested amount will be transferred straightaway to your bank account on request.

How does the Digital Gold investment process work?

On making the transaction, Fello, your asset provider deposits your investment to Augmont Gold. Augmont Gold in return invests your money in fractions on the 24K BIS Hallmark standard gold.

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