Top 5 Finance Movies to Watch on OTT

BORING! OLD! LONG! What are they even talking about? These are some of the comments we have passed on watching any finance movie. As a matter of fact, we all hated to watch the news channel in our childhood. But lest did we know they offer a compelling mix of entertainment and education. They keep you engaged although sometimes the topic might turn out to be complex with their gripping storylines, characters, and elevations. 

Finance movies help you with insights that teach viewers about financial concepts, strategies, and historical events. On the other hand, one gains a better understanding of complex financial topics in an accessible and engaging way.

Let’s say you were always curious to learn about the stock market crash in 2008. Would you prefer reading a 300-page book? Or you’d hop on to YouTube and watch a 15-minute video? This choice will help you realize which medium of knowledge consumption you prefer the most.

Some movies are really inspiring and they motivate us by showcasing individuals who overcome challenges and achieve financial success. They stimulate critical thinking, offer cultural and historical context, and enable us to apply the best parts to our real-life scenarios.

Here are five highly regarded finance movies that you should watch to up your finance game:

  1. “Wall Street” (1987) – Directed by Oliver Stone and starring Charlie Sheen, this film portrays a junior stockbroker, who engages in insider trading to impress his idol and quickly rises the ladder at Wall Street. However, he soon finds his life falling apart. Available on Disney Hotstar in India.
Wall Street
  1. “Baghban” (2003) – This desi movie stars Amitabh Bachchan who goes about raising the kids in hopes that they will look after him and his wife post-retirement. However, things don’t go the way he planned. How he and his wife turn the table around is the entire plot of this movie. Available on Amazon Prime in India.
  1. “The Big Short” (2015) – Can you believe Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Christian Bale, and Ryan Gosling all in one movie? The movie directed by Adam McKay explores the events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis and the individuals who predicted and profited from the housing market’s collapse. Available on Amazon Prime in India.
The Big Short
  1. “The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013) – Directed by the great Martin Scorsese, and starring Leonardo Dicaprio, the movie is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, this film follows the excessive and fraudulent actions of a stockbroker as he rises to success and ultimate downfall. Available on Amazon Prime in India.
The Wolf Of Wall Street
  1. “Banking on Bitcoin” (2017) – This documentary is directed by Christopher Cannucciari and showcases how the newfound technology will shape our lives going forward. Although it is 5 years old now, understanding the technology of Bitcoin will change the way in which you see your money. Available on Youtube.
Banking on Bitcoin

What are you waiting for? Make plans for this weekend around these five finance blockbusters.

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