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Top 5 Investment Options For Freelancers And Gig Workers

We have all checked our bank balance in the middle of the day – perhaps to assess if you can really afford the latest Marni handbag or just to get those “feel good” vibes. After all, having enough money saved up for a rainy day is a mature thing to do. However, at Fello we believe that there are better uses for your money than keeping it safe in your bank account.

The name of the game is “investing” – or simply put, to generate returns through investment over the long run. This is especially beneficial for freelancers, whose monthly or quarterly earnings may vary based on the scope of work, demand, and other factors. There will always be a limit to how much you could earn when you are consistently trading in your time for money-making activities. 

However, creating passive income streams allows you to make much more money by putting in the work today and earning over time. As we like to say, the best time to invest is yesterday! 

Why Do Freelancers Need Passive Income?

We’re all aware that there are two types of income – active and passive. Active income is what you earn from your full-time work; it needs time, effort and consistency. On the other hand, passive income is variable and does not require a high degree of commitment or attention. For a freelancer or gig worker (read: someone who is not a full-time employee and relies on contracts/on-call demand to provide services), generating passive income can be an assured way to offset the variability in earning.  

However, as a freelancer, you need to know how to wisely use your “idle money” to create passive revenue streams – and one of the simplest ways is to invest it. Believe us, there are literally endless investment options out there that will give you excellent returns. We also know that it is a double-edged sword; invest in the wrong place and you could lose months of savings in a jiffy! 

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Don’t fret! The financial experts at Fello have identified the top 5 investment options that freelancers and gig workers should explore. From investing in the stock market to buying digital gold, we have explained each investment in detail and why you should consider it. 

Dive in then!

What Are The Best Options Right Now?

Here’s a list of five options you should consider investing in as a freelancer/gig-worker. Each investment varies in terms of risk and returns, so we implore you to evaluate before investing – with that out of the way, let’s begin! 

Stock Market

Stocks are widely regarded to have the best long-term growth potential for investors. Over long periods of time, say ten years, the stock market has given solid, positive returns. When you buy a stock, you effectively own a part or “share” of a corporation, and when that company does well, it pays you dividends in exchange for your investment. Note that stock values can fluctuate in the short term (which may frighten investors) but is one of the easiest ways to create passive income. 

Although we all hope to have bought shares of businesses such as Apple, Microsoft or Tesla and made massive sums of money, the goal here should be to own a diverse portfolio of stocks. By reducing the risk of “putting all your eggs in one basket”, you can get higher returns on the invested amount in the long run. 


The term IPO refers to Initial Public Offering, in which a corporation lists its shares on a stock exchange, much like the stock market; the only difference is that this is the first time the company offers its shares to the public. As a result, IPOs allow investors to get in on the ground floor of innovative, emerging businesses. Remember what we said about Google and Tesla before?

When the company’s revenue grows with time, so does the value of your entire investment. IPOs are appealing because, in most cases, the stock value rises after an IPO allowing you to buy low and sell high. What’s more, investors also have the opportunity to earn dividends on their IPO investment! 

Digital Gold

We know all that glitters is not gold – but digital gold is one of the most glittering investment options out there. It allows you to purchase, hold and sell gold in a matter of minutes at the real-time market price – and you can begin as low as one Rupee! 

As the entire process is hassle-free and digital, it is a convenient passive investment option. Moreover, the price stability of gold and its nature of acting as a hedge against inflation makes gold (at Fello, we recommend going for digital!) an excellent investment option for freelancers. 

Mutual Fund

A Mutual Fund (MF) is a type of financial instrument consisting of shares, bonds, debts, etc. managed by AMCs (asset management companies). The AMCs help investors grow their invested wealth by improving the mutual fund value. The advantages of the mutual fund option are its low risk and diversification of investment in various assets. 

Furthermore, novice investors may not have the knowledge, expertise or time to invest and constantly manage multiple assets. The professional management of mutual funds make it a great passive investment – no need for attention or commitment, the experts will take care of it!


Although cryptocurrencies are still a fledgling industry, it has a market cap of over a trillion USD! Investing in the right tokens and projects now can help you achieve massive returns in the long term. For example, Bitcoin is currently 3x its price compared to two years ago – and was almost 6x at its all-time high. If you’re looking to understand more about this lucrative investment, keep your eyes peeled on the Fello website. 


We hope this blog helped you understand the various options that freelancers and gig workers can invest in and generate passive income. You surely don’t want to end up like this, right?


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