Best Finance Podcasts in India 2023

Podcasts are one of the most trending platforms these days. From interviews to storytelling to monologues and whatnot, everything is now on a podcast. Be it topics related to finance, movies, stock market, technology, or automobiles, you can find a podcast on almost every topic.

Many podcasters have been creating niche-centric content across various categories. One popular category among these is Finance and News. Hence, today, let’s discover some of the most popular investment and personal finance podcasts that have been gaining popularity amongst listeners.

So, it’s time to plug in your earphones and start exploring the list!

List of Popular Finance & News Podcasts in India

Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular personal finance news podcasts, which you can tune in for useful information-

1. Moneycontrol Podcast

The Moneycontrol Podcast, often considered one of the best finance podcasts in India, is the first on the list. It has gained popularity over time due to its credibility and simplicity. It is a perfect source of business and economy news, investment analysis, stock market trends, and more.

2. ET Markets Podcast

ET Markets Podcast is another reliable source to learn about the current market conditions, highs and lows of the economy, investment options and their returns, basically everything finance.

You can tune in to the ET Markets Podcast to acquaint yourself with the latest market and economy news.

3. Value Research

If you want to learn about stocks, mutual funds, F&O, personal finance, etc, Value Research is the go-to stop!

Its expert podcasters excel in illustrating intricate finance subjects in simple verbiage. From interesting money lessons to personal finance learnings, everything can be found under one roof of this podcast. Many people have been subscribing to this podcast, making it one of the best financial podcasts in India.

4. MarketBuzz – CNBC-TV18

Next on the list, the MarketBuzz by CNBC-TV18 is another famous podcast. It has been a popular choice of listeners since its inception, given its timely news that covers market trends, fluctuations, and performance.

If you are an avid listener of finance-related topics, this can be a good choice for reliable information.

5. Mint

Mint, a popular news platform, also runs a podcast covering topics related to finance. Be it stock market, crypto, or personal finance, you can find everything money on this podcast channel.

Mint Podcast is oftentimes considered one of the best finance investing podcasts by listeners due to its credible analysis, minute-to-minute news coverage, and holistic approach towards finance across the country.

Why You Should Listen to Finance News Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the most sorted sources of information. They are a perfect blend of learning and having fun on the go. There are hundreds of finance podcasts over the internet, you just need to find the most reliable one that resonates with your financial goals.

Here, we have primarily listed all the renowned finance news podcasts, however, there are a lot more podcasters who have been creating valuable content.

Remember, taking investment guides from podcasts is good, but follow only if they fit your bill, budget, and plans.

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