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6 Finance Matras That Our Friend Ganesha Is Here To Remind Us

How are your Ganesh Chaturthi preparations going? We’re sure you’re all set to welcome Bappa into your homes. Now that we’re on the topic of Lord Ganesha, do you know why he’s always the first one to be worshipped before any celebration or prayer? Well, there’s of course the factor that he’s the cutest one (maybe after Lord Krishna!). More than that, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati blessed him with the fruit of knowledge. So, we pray to him to get some wisdom. 

From the potluck of all the life lessons that Ganpati Bappa has in store for us, we’re kind of more inclined towards the ones that are related to finance (we’re a fintech brand, duh!). 

So, without further ado, let’s look at the 6 amazing lessons on finance and money that Lord Ganesha has imparted to us. 

Finance Lessons By Lord Ganesha

Gajanana – Your head can never be too big for wisdom

We bet you know about the big head of Lord Ganesha, right? That’s why he’s known as Gajanana. While we’ve all heard of the story of how he got it, not many know what it represents. That head is a symbol of a vast ocean of knowledge – and the thirst for more. The biggest lesson in finance is that you can never know it all – and that’s where you should always have room in your big head for more. You should always be inquisitive to learn more about new investments, finance management and the market standing. Never put your money somewhere without knowing as much as you can about it. 

Chinteshwara – Leave no room for an oversight

The Chinteshwara avatar for our friend Ganesha, his eyes, represent concentration, focus and an eye for detail. When it comes to managing finances, you can’t work on guesswork and estimates, you should be detail-oriented and focus on your financial goals. Lay down your financial goals, set your eye on them and then track every expense, saving and investment to analyze how close you are to them. 

Lambodara – Have a strong potbelly prepared for any crisis

The Lambodara avatar of Ganesha stands for the one with a potbelly. His pot belly stands for a strong stomach that could absorb and digest anything that life throws at it or in this case, in it! In the same manner, you should plan your finances such that you’re always prepared for all financial emergencies, health crises and even natural disasters. Your financial planning should be a solid pot belly ready to stomach every risk. You can always rely on an emergency or contingency fund to make your financial belly strong! 

Vighnaharta  – Keep all obstacles at bay

Well, we’re sure you know all about this name of Lord Ganesha – Vighnaharta, the one who takes always all obstacles. This lesson is also similar to the one we’ve talked about before – being financially secure. To combat all “vighans”, you have got to be prepared and have contingency plans (and funds!). 

Ekadantaya – Not every tooth is worthy 

Ganesha’s one tooth is broken, while the other one is mighty. Similarly, not every financial advice you get is worth your time and action. You’ve got to weed out the mighty ones from the ones that will burn a hole in your pocket. That applies to your investments too. Not every investment is as risk-free and high yielding as digital gold (which you can invest in on Fello!). So, pick the ones that you think are worth it! 

Lambakarna – There’s no harm in being a good listener. 

Well, how can we forget the large ears of our Ganesha that get him the name “Lambakarna”? While you may not heed every Jack and Jane’s advice, you can also keep your ears open for it. You never know when a million-dollar investment idea slips through! You should always be open to financial advice (even unsolicited ones!). Just be wise enough to filter out the right one for you. 

To Sum Up

From his eyes to his cute pot belly, every part of Ganesha symbolizes wisdom and more importantly financial wisdom and now you know all about it. So, listen to our cute friend Ganesha and be wise, smart and witty with your financial management. Take risks, but also be prepared to mitigate them. Invest but also be smart about it! For instance, explore how Digital Gold can be a worthy investment only at Fello! 

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